AJPM: Sleep or simple exercises are better than sedentary rest

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A large-scale study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine involved 430 young people aged 20 to 35 years. Over 10 days, their indicators of physical activity, sleep, stress level, etc. were recorded and compared.

It turned out that an increase in sleep time and Light Physical Activity (LPA) over sedentary lifestyle reduces stress levels, improves mood and normalizes body mass index. Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) reduces body fat and also improves body mass index.

Even 30 minutes of alternative relaxation to sitting was enough to improve the psychological and physical parameters of the subjects. As an example of light physical activity a simple walk around the office premises was suggested or a warm-up at the workplace every half hour. This became especially important during the isolation of residents of several countries due to the spread of COVID-2019. According to preliminary data, the level of physical activity of US residents decreased by 32%.

According to scientists, the negative health outcome due to sedentary lifestyle is obvious. For example, U.S. adults spend 75% of their waking hours in a sitting position and up to 90% of their total resting time. However, such large-scale studies (data had been collected from 2010 to 2015) were not conducted previously and it was not possible to study the consequences of isotemporal substitution on the example of each individual person.

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