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The fact that optimists live longer than pessimists and usually suffer less from various chronic diseases is not surprising. Perhaps, it is so simply because positive-minded people sleep better than their fellow pessimistic palls.

A group of Austrian scientists came to interesting conclusions. The study was led by Jakob Weitzer from the Epidemiology Department of the Medical University of Vienna. The investigation was conducted based on the data obtained from an online survey that was organised in September 2017 and included 1,004 Austrians. It consisted of 63 questions about individual sleep characteristics and the well-being of the people participating in the survey.

As a result of this study, 7.8% of participants were diagnosed with chronic insomnia and 16.7% were reported to have fairly regular sleep disturbances. In the course of processing the results, it was found out that the likelihood of sleep disorders or insomnia was around 70% lower for optimists than for those who were prone to a gloomy mood. In addition, optimists generally had a healthier lifestyle, smoked less, and used more efficient strategies of coping with difficulties.

The authors also point out that optimism can be trained. One of the efficient ways is to imagine your ideal life in details and write it down. In a few weeks, by doing so regularly, you will not only increase your optimism but actually notice the positive changes taking place in your life. This practice makes you think more about the life of your dream and the steps you need to take towards it.

It is not yet clear whether optimists feel cheerful and happy because they sleep well, or it’s the other way around and it is their positive mood that improves their sleep. In any case, if you started to feel less optimistic it's time to try the Hypnopedia app. The application was created based on the most recent scientific findings in the field of sleep, and is designed to improve your mental health while you sleep. A unique algorithm monitors your sleep phases and reproduces short motivational statements (affirmations) at a specific time so that your subconscious mind can comprehend them. The whole process of pumping your mental abilities occurs without your active participation, you just need to choose thematic statements you would like to listen to while you sleep, for example, those that will make you feel more optimistic. The effects of the affirmations accumulate and favourably impact your day-to-day life. Together with relaxing sounds of nature and smart haptic alarm functions that you can find in the Hypnopedia application, you get the whole complex of tools to make your sleep comfortable and effective.

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