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Everyday motivational affirmations - what are those and why are they needed
Self-hypnosis techniques began to take shape at the beginning of the 20th century along with the self-help doctrine. Affirmations have become one of the main elements of these techniques. E. Kue became the pioneer of practical use of affirmations, which have gained wide popularity in recent decades. What is it and is there evidence of the practical usefulness of inspirational affirmations?
Which side is best to sleep on and why
Remember how many of us were told to sleep on our right side in childhood? It was thought that this is almost the only healthy sleeping position. Years passed, the habit remained. But how much is it really useful and justified?
How to beat insomnia. New and proven methods for restoring normal sleep
In recent months, sleep quality has worsened in many countries around the world. For the record, no more than 25% of US residents felt fresh and rested in the morning, while among the British, only 11% could boast of regular, sound sleep. Insomnia caused by Covid and other anxieties can seriously harm health, the consequences of which will affect even when pandemia is over. So how to get back to a good deep rest?
COVID-19 pandemic affects Americans` sleep - Better Sleep Council
“The 2020 State of America’s Sleep” research by The Better Sleep Council revealed mass sleep disorder among residents of the United States. The comparison of January and March statistics of this year with the previous year showed that there is a decrease in the performance of all characteristics. Researchers relate mental health issues to the coronavirus pandemic.
Women’s REM sleep differences cause negative emotions and depression - research findings
Belgian scientists have shown that gender differences in information processing during sleep and wakefulness can explain the higher probability of developing depression among women.
How to up motivation in 5 elegant ways (when everything is bad)
The alternation of ups and downs, periods of active life and forced passivity is a normal psychophysiological state of a person. Motivation also periodically disappears somewhere and it needs to be “encouraged”. Today we will talk about a few elegant tricks that will help overcome the shifting dunes of lazy inertia to achieve your goals.