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Affirmations for pregnancy and how they help before and after childbirth
Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most exciting stages in the life of any future mom. During these periods, she needs support and self-confidence more than ever. Affirmations, especially those selected for new moms, may be a good way of finding internal resources.
How to build awareness — simple advice you can implement today
Every day we are flooded with thoughts, feelings and emotions. It makes us constantly think about the future and past and often leads to the point of burnout. And at this stage, it is about time to start practising self-awareness focusing fully on “now” and accepting your inner state without disapproval.
Understanding nightmares: their meaning, causes and ways to get rid of them
For many centuries, humanity has endowed nightmares with a mystical meaning. They were considered harbingers of bad news and events, and were also associated with the intervention of otherworldly forces. How modern science explains nightmares and what recommendations it gives for getting rid of them.
Everyday motivational affirmations - what are those and why are they needed
Self-hypnosis techniques began to take shape at the beginning of the 20th century along with the self-help doctrine. Affirmations have become one of the main elements of these techniques. E. Kue became the pioneer of practical use of affirmations, which have gained wide popularity in recent decades. What is it and is there evidence of the practical usefulness of inspirational affirmations?