Sleep is a physiological behavior that is common in all animal species. It forms around one third of a human life. It is not known clearly the exact functions of sleep but it seems to be essential for survival as prolonged sleep deprivation leads to severe physical impairment followed by cognitive loss and eventually death. Hypnopedia helps to sleep better, fall asleep and wake up without problem

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Insomnia triggers type 2 diabetes (T2D) - a new study
Diabetologia journal published a list of risk factors for type 2 diabetes. In total, 34 factors were identified, of which 19 increase and 15 reduce the risk of developing the disease. Another 21 factors were recognized as potential ones. It was shown that insomnia is one of the factors contributing to diabetes.
When is the best time to train and how long you need to rest
The argument between supporters of morning and evening workouts has been going on for ages. While hardly anyone doubts the benefits of moderate exercise, working out during inappropriate time can do more harm for your body than good and negatively affect your rest and sleep routine.
Meditation and relaxation may help people suffering from sleep paralysis — research findings
A group of scientists from the universities of Cambridge, Bologna and Parma have published promising research results concerning people who suffer from sleep paralysis (SP). In particular, meditation-relaxation therapy has been shown to reduce the likelihood of SP
What causes sleep paralysis? Dark forces vs. sleep problems
Sleep paralysis is one of the most serious sleep abnormalities that is characterised by a temporal inability to move or make any sound. Until recently, it was believed that sleep paralysis is caused by some frightening demons who come at night. However, modern medicine has its own opinion on sleep paralysis, based on scientific evidence.
How to fall asleep quickly? Tips and techniques for everyone
Many people have troubles falling asleep quickly. They are constantly tossing and turning in bed anxiously thinking about the events that happened with them during the day and replaying the conversations they have had. Perhaps, you also find yourself in similar situations quite often. How can you help yourself to fall into a deep sleep faster?
Doomscrolling during COVID-19 has considerably affected sleep — expert opinion
Active scrolling through the information about COVID-19 has adversely affected the mental state of young people during the lockdown. The feeling of despair caused by reading the news exacerbated stress and insomnia.