Affirmations for pregnancy and how they help before and after childbirth

By Vladimir Marchenko

  1. Why affirmations are beneficial for pregnant women
  2. Autogenic training and affirmations for pregnant women
  3. Affirmations for the first trimester of pregnancy
  4. Examples of affirmations that help to prepare for childbirth
  5. Affirmations for the postpartum period

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most exciting stages in the life of any future mom. During these periods, she needs support and self-confidence more than ever. Affirmations, especially those selected for new moms, may be a good way of finding internal resources.

Why affirmations are beneficial for pregnant women 

Affirmations are short motivational statements pronounced in the present tense and expressing a positive image or attitude. With regular repetition, as well as a sincere belief in their meaning, affirmations become psychological "anchors" that help to balance mental health, gain self-confidence, cope with the negative periods in life, and stimulate changes for the better. Usually, affirmations are divided into categories so that a person can concentrate on one direction (love, happiness, success, money, career, etc.).

The psycho-emotional state, hormonal and physiological parameters of a woman in the prenatal and postpartum periods are constantly fluctuating. Conflicting feelings and sensations alternate with incredible speed. The discrepancy between the ideal image of motherhood and what is happening in reality can even cause depression. Such emotional state of a pregnant woman during the prenatal period adversely affects the fetus, moreover, means that after the birth the newborn may not receive all the attention needed. Women suffering from depression do not take proper care of themselves, do not eat well, do not go to the doctor, and fall into bad habits. A detailed study of this condition is presented in a large-scale study Identifying the women at risk of antenatal anxiety and depression: A systematic review.

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From 7 to 25% of women, depending on the country of residence and their income, suffer from antenatal (postpartum) depression

There exist two main types of depression that can occur during and after pregnancy:

1. Prenatal depression. It is observed during pregnancy when physiological and psychological changes occur. It is characterised by mood swings, irritability, and insomnia. Single episodes, however, should be distinguished from the systemic depression which can only be diagnosed and treated by a professional.

 2. Postpartum depression. It arises because of the rapid change in hormones that occurs during the first days after childbirth. The levels of estrogen and progesterone rise during pregnancy and considerably drop after. Same occurs with the thyroid hormones. Sometimes these processes are prolonged in time, which causes bad mood, loss of concentration, sleep disorders and weight gain. From 10 to 15% of women who recently delivered a baby experience postpartum depression that extends from several weeks to a year.

Autogenic training and affirmations for pregnant women

Non-pharmacological methods of therapy, autogenic training and workshops for future moms are becoming more and more popular among women. In addition to the physiological aspects of childbirth, a big amount of attention is paid to the inner state of a woman, positive emotions during pregnancy and preparing the most favourable environment for a baby after birth. One of the main elements of such training is affirmations.

It is important to learn the basic principles of working with affirmations to achieve a positive result:

1. One affirmation - one goal. It is not advisable to include more than one wish or aim into a statement, otherwise, it becomes imprecise and doesn’t bring the expected effect.

2. You need to believe in what you say. Affirmations are not the mechanically repeated words, you need to experience the state of mind and body formulated in the affirmations.

3. Similar statements are considered to be ineffective. Monotonous affirmations that don’t “click” with you should be replaced by others that have more meaning and evoke more feelings in you.

4. Start with “I am” and say about things you want not about what you don't want. If the statement is in the future tense, it may not have an effect at all. Negative particles like “not” should be removed, because your subconscious mind doesn’t perceive them, so negative statements would be comprehended as affirmative.

5. Support your affirmations with real actions. Otherwise, they will remain just phrases that are not connected with reality. Only a combination of words and actions gives a positive result.

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In order to enhance the effect of affirmations, they should be written down and regularly repeated

Here are some affirmation examples for different stages of pregnancy and after childbirth. ! Please note that these are just the reference points you may use, however, they are not obligatory !

Affirmations for the first trimester of pregnancy

  • My pregnancy is going great. My baby feels my peace and joy. I am surrounded by loving and caring people. I trust myself and my family. My child is pure happiness and joy for me.
  • I am glad to give birth to a new life. I am proud of being a mom. My body is perfectly made for the baby. I give birth to a smart, healthy, and talented person. My child is a reward for my love.
  • My pregnancy is the most beautiful and long-awaited nine months of my life. I observe the course of my pregnancy with joy and pleasure. I eat only healthy food. I give my child all the care and love it needs.
  • I am fully confident and calm throughout my pregnancy. I can endure all during my pregnancy. I am absolutely sure that with a smile and joy I will help my child to be born healthy.

Examples of affirmations that help to prepare for childbirth

  • I look forward to giving birth. I trust my body and follow its instincts. My mind and body are calm. I feel safe. The childbirth will pass easily.
  • I am delighted to go through this unique journey. I am ready to become a mom. My child is my happiness. I love myself. I am healthy. My baby trusts me, and I trust it as well.
  • I can control my breathing. Breathing is my assistant. I am calm and concentrated. My body is strong and healthy. I can cope with everything. I am fully prepared to become a mother.
  • Our hearts, mine and my baby’s, beat to the same rhythm, the rhythm of love. My body is ready for childbirth. My organs accumulate strength and energy. Birthing is absolutely safe for me and the baby. My nervous system is working properly. My blood delivers nutrients and oxygen to me and the baby on time.

Affirmations for the postpartum period

  • My family supports me. I am the best mom. I have enough wisdom to raise a good person. I feel love for myself and my child. All changes are temporary, it will pass.
  • I take good care of myself and my child. I have amazing support! When I ask, I get help. I feel love for myself, for my little newborn treasure and for the world around me. I am a Woman and now I am a Mother.
  • I trust my instincts to do what is best for my baby. My life is in perfect balance. My baby is safe and secure. I love all my children and folks. I always make the right decisions for my baby.
  • I am able to birth in harmony with nature, in the best possible way for my baby and myself. I fully feel the force of my new life within me. I am giving my baby the very best start in life. The power of birth strengthens me, my child and my partner. I love my body for all that it is and for all it has created.

Also, women during pregnancy can listen to general motivational statements, and the collection of Hypnopedia App affirmations may help with this. The main difference of Hypnopedia is that the affirmations can be reproduced at night, during your sleep without waking you up. They are perceived by the subconscious mind and, therefore, have a positive effect on your mental health. For relaxation, you can use the existing collections of sounds of nature, or create your own playlist from the available ones. Moreover, waking up in the morning will be easy and enjoyable as the application is equipped with a “smart” alarm clock with the haptic alarm function that wakes you up gradually and at the most favourable stage of sleep. The whole complex of Hypnopedia App tools improves the quality of your sleep which is especially important for pregnant women.

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Affirmations for future moms are a simple, comfortable and safe technique that does not require any special knowledge or lengthy preparations. They can be practised at any time: after waking up, during having a walk, before going to bed and in any environment that is calm and comfortable enough to do that. It is especially beneficial to practise affirmations in a good mood, pumping yourself for future success and well-being. Nonetheless, it is possible to practise some affirmations when you feel anxious to reduce stress. The effect of such powerful statements is cumulative, and, for this reason, it is important to repeat them regularly and perform actions every day to reinforce your goals. In this case, your everyday mood will inevitably be boosted and you will feel confident that everything is going to be all right.

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