Bad sleep negatively affects sex life - US studies

By Andrew Sokol

Problems of sexual nature are common for 31% of men and 45% (!) of women in USA. According to the results of scientific publications, such figures are often associated with insufficient duration and quality of sleep.

It has long been known that sexual life (the frequency of sexual intercourse and the intensity of orgasm) is closely correlated with the presence of a good sleep. It is curious that this interrelation is a "two-way road", meaning that orgasmic sex improves sleep quality, while good sleep is the key to increased sexual appetite on the next day.

The fact is, oxytocin, being the “hormone of love” that is produced after reaching an orgasm, not only provides a feeling of closeness to your partner, but also improves the quality of sleep. On the other hand, such a stress hormone as cortisol, which is produced after a sleepless night or just a bad sleep, significantly reduces testosterone levels, sex drive and overall pleasure of sexual experience.

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These dependencies are especially pronounced in people with irregular work schedules, for example, in nurses who are forced to be on duty at night.

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Despite the fact that lack of sleep critically affects the quality of sexual life, brute force (sleeping more than 8 hours) also does not contribute to a healthy sexual life.

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