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“The 2020 State of America’s Sleep” research by The Better Sleep Council revealed mass sleep disorder among residents of the United States. The comparison of January and March statistics of this year with the previous year showed that there is a decrease in the performance of all characteristics. Researchers relate mental health issues to the coronavirus pandemic.

Already in two months there have been significant changes in numbers. The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the United States led to the disease of more than 2.68 million US residents, of which 128 000 died (as of 07/02/2020). It is no surprise that many Americans forgot about good sleeping as most of them lost their inner peace. However, Mary Helen Rogers, vice president of marketing and communications for the Better Sleep Council, is confident that the data received will help them return citizens to a normal psychological state.

Index In January 2020 In March 2020
Percentage of Americans with 7-8 hours of recommended sleep 54% 49%
Percentage of Americans who rate their sleep as average or bad 43% 52%
Percentage of Americans waking up rested and fresh often or very often 30% 24%
Percentage of Americans experiencing stress often or very often 41% 53%
Percentage of residents that are confident in their financial capabilities 38% 20%
Percentage of those who have lost confidence in the stock markets 39% 56%

In January 2020, 2,000 respondents were surveyed, in March - 1,105. The percentage of sleep-related negative reports in social networks increased from 45% in March 2019 to 73% in March 2020. Positive feedback is 14% instead of 20% last year. The number of posts on social networks about health and bad sleeping in March of this year is 1.3 times higher than in 2019. The number of reports of sleep and illness is 1.17 times higher than last year. The combination of the words "stress" and "COVID-19" appear more and more often.

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