Hypnopedia is the all-in-one sleep app that helps you fall asleep faster, improves the quality of your sleep, and makes waking up a breeze. Hypnopedia syncs with your Apple Watch and works during the beginning, middle, and end of your sleep cycle through 3 features: Sleep Sounds, Affirmations and Smart Alarm

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What are the health benefits of breathing exercises?
Breathing is so familiar to us that we rarely think whether we are breathing correctly. However, mastering breathing techniques is very beneficial for health and helps improve well-being.
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Bad relationships with parents - how to reconnect
Sometimes it is not possible to see eye to eye with the closest people - parents. Each meeting turns into a test for the nervous system, and communication on the phone leaves only negative emotions. Is it possible to restore the disturbed family balance and return to the trusting relationship?
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How to deal with low back pain at home
Back pain and especially low back pain is quite unpleasant. It may be a symptom of a serious illness, and it brings the greatest discomfort during working hours. Is it possible to minimize its effect on the body and cope with it on your own?
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Career development. Is it possible to climb the corporate ladder and not fall down?
Building a career is a very individual process that depends both on the chosen specialty, personal qualities, and on external factors. It is not always possible to do it the first time or climb to the very top, but it is never superfluous to “pump” some skills.
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Does Hypnopedia really work and what can you learn in your sleep?
Dreamland has long been beckoning for humanity. At some point it was decided to use sleep for applying secret knowledge or education. How justified is this method and what does modern science have to say about this?
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Is it possible to raise low self-esteem without external help
Low self-esteem does not allow a person to realize his full potential. He constantly acts with an eye on others, expects approval and support from them. However, self-confidence can be gained without waiting for someone to help you with this.
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