Positive thinking

Positive thinking, or an optimistic attitude, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. It can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. That doesn’t mean you ignore reality or make light of problems. It simply means you approach the good and the bad in life with the expectation that things will go well.

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Enjoyment of life - why is it important for one’s health and longevity
People who truly enjoy life tend to experience fewer health problems and live longer. There is also scientific evidence for this. We just have to figure out how to raise the level of satisfaction on our own.
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Is it possible to get everything done in 24 hours and take control of your time?
Time management is one of the most beneficial skills for a modern person. The ability to plan your time has an effect not only on career achievements, but also on the state of one’s health. How to build a relationship with the hours running away from you?
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How to get rid of anxiety
The restrictions and other stress factors introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically increased the level of anxiety. However, the really strong triggers of this condition are not so common. Is it possible to correctly assess your feelings and take the necessary steps?
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What are the health benefits of breathing exercises?
Breathing is so familiar to us that we rarely think whether we are breathing correctly. However, mastering breathing techniques is very beneficial for health and helps improve well-being.
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Bad relationships with parents - how to reconnect
Sometimes it is not possible to see eye to eye with the closest people - parents. Each meeting turns into a test for the nervous system, and communication on the phone leaves only negative emotions. Is it possible to restore the disturbed family balance and return to the trusting relationship?
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Career development. Is it possible to climb the corporate ladder and not fall down?
Building a career is a very individual process that depends both on the chosen specialty, personal qualities, and on external factors. It is not always possible to do it the first time or climb to the very top, but it is never superfluous to “pump” some skills.
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