Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.

While it may not be possible to attain total objectivity about oneself (that’s a debate that continues to rage throughout the history of philosophy), there are certainly degrees of self-awareness. Regularly using Hypnopedia, you can strengthen mental health, and through it, self-awareness

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Self-criticism: listening to the inner voice and getting rid of negativity
Self-criticism is an important component of a healthy personality. However, sometimes the built-in “judge” goes beyond all boundaries and is depressing rather than helping. Is it possible to make it more benevolent?
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9 wellness trends in 2021
The past year has made serious adjustments to self-care. Many exercises and practices were performed at home, some had to be abandoned, and others were transformed into something new. What wellness trends will 2021 bring?
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Enjoyment of life - why is it important for one’s health and longevity
People who truly enjoy life tend to experience fewer health problems and live longer. There is also scientific evidence for this. We just have to figure out how to raise the level of satisfaction on our own.
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Bad relationships with parents - how to reconnect
Sometimes it is not possible to see eye to eye with the closest people - parents. Each meeting turns into a test for the nervous system, and communication on the phone leaves only negative emotions. Is it possible to restore the disturbed family balance and return to the trusting relationship?
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Is it possible to raise low self-esteem without external help
Low self-esteem does not allow a person to realize his full potential. He constantly acts with an eye on others, expects approval and support from them. However, self-confidence can be gained without waiting for someone to help you with this.
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What helps with seasonal depression in winter
If every year, with the advent of cold weather and darkness, you feel complete indifference to everything that happens around and nothing pleases you, then most likely you suffer from seasonal depression. So is it possible to deal with it on your own?
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