How to up motivation in 5 elegant ways (when everything is bad)

By Vladimir Marchenko

1. Surround yourself with motivating things

The whole ambience must push you towards positive thinking and rapid achievement of your goals. Get yourself beautiful cards with quotes that you find inspiring and carry them with you everywhere. Make notes of future and current victories in the calendar (preferably highlighting the current ones in bright red color). Hang posters with your desired items in your room or make a vision board out of your PC desktop background (this could be a new car or a house). Look at photos of countries you want to visit more often. Simply put, visualized sources of inspiration should be literally everywhere - at home, at work, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in your wallet, in your smartphone.

It is important to locate motivators closer to those things that can help achieve what was intended. For example, a weight loss motivator can be placed next to the scales or exercise equipment, while a reminder to write a book may find the best place next to the shelves of your home library. Remember not to overdo it too much, otherwise your home / workplace will look like a maniac's hide-out.

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2. Invent your personal reward system

It is always nice to receive a reward for crossing the finish line from promoters. But if events with the participation of third parties in your city are canceled, you will have to learn to reward yourself. For example, come up with a set of gifts that you will present yourself after achieving certain goals. In childhood, our parents motivated us by giving sweets in exchange for good grades, and at the end of the school year we were awarded the main prize - a trip to the sea.

Be strict with yourself and receive a prize only upon completing your plan. Buying a cake, book, or other nice little things will confirm that you are on the right track. Award presentation can be alternated with the work performance. If, for example, you really want to watch a new two-hour long movie, but you have a lot of work to do, then do the following - watch a half-hour of the film, and then work an hour. Watch the movie again and lather rinse repeat until the work is done, while not forgetting about the main reward.

3. Remember the main achievements in recent years

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca was sure that we look at how many people are ahead of us too often, instead of thinking about how many of them we personally left behind. Each of us has a list of small victories and personal achievements. Graduation, obtaining a driver’s license, prestigious work, getting rid of fear of heights, moving to another city. Take a walk across your memories and write out past victories by hand. Try to remember the way you felt when you achieved your goals, that euphoria you experienced afterwards.

Motivation tends to fade away, but such time travels are reminiscent of the obvious - if i did it once, what prevents me from repeating it again?

4. Do what works best

Even if you don’t succeed at work, this is not a reason to give up. We all have a "specialty dish" or what comes out to do better than the rest. This can be a speedy putting together a jigsaw puzzle of 1,000 pieces, making funny toys from felt and still lifes, or something else. Take a break and do what is guaranteed to please you. The success and recognition will help to believe that you are not so bad at all. It will also be one of those moments when you can think about how to make a hobby the basis of your life.

5. Listen to affirmations

Regular repetition of short inspirational phrases (affirmations) infix the necessary image or mindset throughout subconscious hypnosis. Verbal formula helps to program ourselves for success, health, development, self-confidence, etc. Until recently they used to be either pronounced to ourselves silently or out loud, but a more elegant solution has appeared. With the help of a special software algorithm affirmations can be reproduced in certain sleep stages.

The Hypnopedia application is based on recent scientific studies and helps to improve mental health. Affirmations are played during the optimal phase of sleep without waking the user. All you have to do is to choose a relevant phrase in the evening, put on an Apple Watch before going to sleep and the app will take care of the rest. The effect is best manifested with regular use and lasts for some time after waking up. Download here:

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Look for sources of inspiration no matter what, use any tricks to uplift your spirituality and new victories will not be long in coming.

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