The current experience of the feeling of an emotion (affect) such as pleasure or joy, or of a more general sense of 'emotional condition as a whole'. For instance Daniel Kahneman has defined happiness as "what I experience here and now". This usage is prevalent in dictionary definitions of happiness. Hypnopedia application helps you to feel happier

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Best motivational quotes for every day
Almost everyone faces a lack of motivation at some point in their life or during the day. In the absence of it, it is difficult to take on even routine tasks, let alone working on bigger goals. How to find motivation in everyday things and maintain it?
How to find happiness: advice for everyone
Happiness is an extremely desirable human condition and most people believe that without achieving it, one cannot feel fulfilled. So how can you bring more joy into your life and become happy right now?
Mental health and COVID-19 — how to reduce the stress
The coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down yet. While in some European countries medical specialists are preparing for the autumn "second wave" of COVID-19, the number of cases in the United States has exceeded 6 million. So how to strengthen our fragile mental health during this stressful period and minimize the effects of the “September blues” and anxious anticipation of the possible lockdown?
I’d like to have more joy in life. What should I do?
Enjoying life is our natural need. Sometimes we directly associate it with materialistic things or love and appreciation from others. However, we should search for satisfaction within ourselves instead. Moreover, our feeling of joy is deeply connected with our inner mood and can even be upgraded.
Optimists sleep better than pessimists - the Medical University of Vienna
The fact that optimists live longer than pessimists and usually suffer less from various chronic diseases is not surprising. Perhaps, it is so simply because positive-minded people sleep better than their fellow pessimistic palls.
Sleep deprivation of under 2 hours makes you less positive — NTNU research
Researchers of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) have concluded recently that reducing the duration of sleep by 1.5-2 hours for only three nights in a row lessens the number of positive feelings while negative ones remain at the same level.